New Trelis Features



Decomposition (Partitioning) Suggestions

The decomposition suggestions tool provides visual suggestions of ways to decompose the model into meshable volumes. Trelis checks meshability of the model and lists volumes that are meshable and those that are not. Select a volume from the "Not Meshable" list to display possible ways to cut the volume into meshable volume. Clicking the Apply button will execute the cut.

This tool is part of ITEM and is found in the Command Panels under Geometry--Webcut--Volumes--Suggestion Decomposition.

Source/Target Suggestions for Sweep Scheme

The Source/Target Suggestions tool displays suggestions for possible source and target surfaces that allows Trelis to sweep a volume. Select a volume from the list and Trelis will display source/target solutions, including their surface IDs. The Apply button will apply the sweep scheme to the volume using the selected source and target surfaces.

This tool is part of ITEM and is found in the Command Panels under Mesh--Volume--Mesh--Suggest Source/Target.

New Lite (Exodus) Meshes

Trelis has the ability to represent Exodus meshes using either a lightweight or heavy representation. Lite meshes are loaded very quickly and are easy and efficient to manipulate in the graphics window.

See "Lite Meshes" in the documentation under Mesh Generation--Mesh Import.

Improved Tetmesher

The improved tetmesher includes bug fixes and enhancements. Tetrahedral mesh scheme produces higher quality tet elements for better results.



Improved Mesh Import Dialog

The Mesh Import dialog has been streamlined and is easier to understand and use.

Users can import Mesh Geometry, Free Mesh, or Lite [Exodus] meshes. Lite Meshes are explained above.

Support for Gambit Neutral Files

Trelis now support the Gambit Neutral file format.

Import/Export Added to the Toolbar

Tool buttons to launch the Import and Export dialogs have been added to the main toolbar.


Graphics, Utilities, etc.

Enhanced Python Script Tab

Trelis is a command-driven software. At the Python level this is most apparent. The syntax for generating a command is:

cubit.cmd("enter a command string here")

Trelis 16.4 includes a new field where users can enter the "raw" command, press enter, and the Python script will be generated and sent.

This feature can be toggled on and off from the Tools--Options--Layout Options Dialog.

New Icons

Many of the icons have been refreshed, making the look of the GUI consistent and easier to understand.


Release Notes.

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Trelis 16.4
Issue Description
[SM-274] Unable to pickwidget select volumes for boolean operations with draw active
[SM-275] Fix Fire Ray creation, default entry field to surface to match the default button (volume)
[SM-291] Preview of Collapse Angle resets the panel
[SM-663] PickWidget has wrong type when trying to create vertex by picking on Curve
[SM-736] Uncaught exception when picking from the tree
[SM-782] Unexpected geometry sweep direction using target volume
[SM-845] Multiple extended selection dialogs
[SM-893] Cubit crashes on SHELL8 element deletion
[SM-942] Restore the 'consolidate' functionality in the FluentExporter.
[SM-974] Trelis crashes on thex after failing imprint mesh command
[SM-985] get_nodeset_nodes_inclusive doesn't return high order nodes
[SM-987] Group 'Add Entities' checkbox option sends equals instead of add command
[SM-989] GUI Imprint volumes command also merges
[SM-990] Quality panel changes default action
[SM-991] Webcut with general plane and node/vertex doesn't work
[SM-996] Toolbar does not save new toolbar or buttons
[SM-1001] Crash from clicking on group in Extended Selection
[SM-1005] Fix Index out of Bounds exception when saving groups
[SM-1023] Highlight Surface when Highlighting Volume
[SM-1024] Trelis Activation window message for successful activation has "&Close"
[SM-1025] Uncaught exception - Index out of bounds - when merging volumes
[SM-1026] HDF5
[SM-1027] Update Journal icons
[SM-347] Support 'Reverse' option on the volume align command panel
[SM-964] Add command shortcut to script tab
[SM-969] Add webcut meshability and suggestion command panel
[SM-997] Add support for 'lite' exodus meshing import/export to the GUI
[SM-94] Group Copy GUI
[SM-245] Change tree to remove sheet bodies.
[SM-488] Remember last location rather than returning to Set Directory
[SM-548] Add Context Menu Options to Boundary Layers in Tree
[SM-605] Add CGNS export option to GUI
[SM-769] Add 'Locate' context menu entry to genesis entities and bcs in the tree.
[SM-776] Use updated tetmesher with faceted geometry
[SM-874] Provide access to ITEM Set Source and Target tool from the Sweep panel
[SM-920] ITEM Done button needs to be separate from the scroll view.
[SM-940] Upgrade tetmesher MG 2.4-5
[SM-971] Add support for Gambit Neutral File Import
[SM-972] Add support for Gambit Neutral File export
[SM-973] Add Import and Export to the File toolbar
[SM-977] Add Gambit import to the import file menu
[SM-998] Add toolbuttons for import and export to the main toolbar
[SM-1000] Create user-friendly message for when a network license is in use.
[SM-1002] Allow sorting in the Add To Existing Containers dialog
[SM-1007] Enable NASTRAN large field format
[SM-1016] Fix the Sheet Body section of the tree to show complete entity hierarchy
[SM-1017] Add Body Tree view to the Tree
[SM-1018] Modify Flat Tree and Body List Views
[TR-13216] Fix problem with tet4/trishell3 mesh
[TR-15995] Fix Torus tri-meshing accuracy
[TR-15997] CT Scan Generated STL import error
[TR-16021] Line number references in Python script run-time errors are off
[TR-16053] Not exporting a sideset
[TR-16080] Fix Tetmesher crash
[TR-16084] "free mesh manipulations move node to location of another node"
[TR-16112] Enhancement request - support element thickness attributes
[TR-16230] Strange unite all behavior
[TR-16255] Exodus-based surface mesh sizing by function
[TR-16279] Problem drawing element quality on large model
[TR-16280] Problem visually thickening shell elements
[TR-16331] Preserve node set when import exodus file
[TR-16387] transition elements exported/imported incorrectly
[TR-16421] Feature request - move meshed curves
[TR-16422] Crash in clipping after deleting mesh
[TR-16455] Fix Imprint & Merge Issue
[TR-16503] Trouble importing a genesis file as Mesh Based Geometry
[TR-16548] Fix crash when using include
[TR-16594] FEA pressure PATRAN neutral file export for quad9
[TR-16661] Problem with mesh-based geometry import of shell mesh
[TR-16662] Slow deleting hexes in a block
[TR-16689] copy sideset with geometry not working as expected
[TR-16690] problem exporting STL
[TR-16698] Trouble sweeping along closed path
[TR-16705] Support spacial variables across block
[TR-16728] python commands in a custom toolbar button
[TR-16774] Cannot specify the angle for an ellipse
[TR-16776] Error messages causes Exceptionally Long Loop whilst saving cub file
[TR-16780] Framework side-connectivity error reading in primarily shell-element mesh
[TR-16783] Feature request for a client server lightweight viewer
[TR-16789] Degenerate element created
[TR-16790] mesh quality for free mesh
[TR-16800] imprint and merge not saved with ACIS file
[TR-16801] surface has no facets
[TR-16802] Intersect not behaving as expected
[TR-16803] get_last_id returning unexpected value
[TR-16811] get_entities & parse_cubit_list not consistent
[TR-16813] Undo not working after intersect
[TR-16814] volume all copy reflect causes degenerate elements
[TR-16820] Intersect produces unexpected error
[TR-16827] save a measured distance output for later usage
[TR-16831] Zoom to Fit not working
[TR-16842] Block names are not read correctly from stp import
[TR-16844] surface normal directions not preserved with copy reflect
[TR-16856] Incorrect details in list model
[TR-16858] Reversed surface will not mesh
[TR-16875] Undo of group creation and split surface crashes
[TR-16903] Volume Copy Reflect not working after mbg import
[TR-16910] Aligning cylindrical surfaces?
[TR-16923] Element count incorrect after removal of face
[TR-16925] MBG Export GUI panel is wrong
[TR-16927] Memory issue with tet refinement
[TR-16948] Select All not available in the Export Mesh~ Block ID(s) field
[TR-16949] Extra surfaces get transfered from Power Tools to main command panel
[TR-16952] Cannot import a genesis file from python with the cubit module
[TR-16960] Equivalence with 'in hex all' crashes Trelis
[TR-16965] Simplify command crashes Trels
[TR-17011] RGB value error slowing down cubit
[TR-17037] crash using multiple groups in setting scheme trimesh
[TR-17039] Tetmesher fails on composite surface
[TR-17085] bug in mesh scaling command panel
[TR-17089] Specifying two volume ranges to intersect does not work as expected
[TR-17110] uniform mesh refinement creates very high aspect ratio elements
[TR-17111] CNTRL-left mouse-drag doesn't select all entities
[TR-17112] No smooth option in import mesh geometry GUI panel
[TR-17113] Graphics clip not getting updated
[TR-17118] importing two cub files destroys the block in the first cub file
[TR-17119] Coincident triangle elements created after unmerging a surface
[TR-17139] Error in Grouping Specific Volumes within Coordinate Boundaries
[TR-17143] condition number smoother fails when discretizing a beam
[TR-17244] Measure results not displaying
[TR-17276] Error when specifying a zero degree rotation angle
[TR-17282] Bug in refine curve with tet meshing
[TR-17691] mesh_adapt hex8 to hex27 enrichment results in empty sidesets
[TR-17732] Quality Histogram window very small with new GUI
[TR-17936] Refine Volume fails with imprinted vertex
[TR-17940] import mesh geom creates too many surfaces

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