New Trelis Features



Improved Paving (quadrilateral meshing)

The paving algorithm that has become a standard worldwide for quadrilateral mesh generation is now even more robust in its ability to mesh complex surfaces.

Improved Tetmesher

The improved tetmesher includes bug fixes and enhancements. Tetrahedral mesh scheme produces higher quality tet elements for better results.



Improvements to geometry creation using lofting

Improvements have been made to the create lofted volume command so that the volume creation better lofts complex entities. See Trelis Help for more information about the create lofted volume command.



Improved Abaqus and Patran Exports

The Abaqus and Patran exporters have been improved to better import and export mesh and boundary conditions in Abaqus .inp and Patran .neu fomats.


Graphics, Utilities, etc.

New Custom Toolbars

The Custom Toolbar architecture has been completely redone. Users can create custom tools as in previous versions of Trelis, but the toolbars can now be used as workflow managers. Toolbars may include standard buttons, journal files, Python scripts, and command panels. Toolbars and workflows may be exported and imported.

Command Panel Button Hierarchy Change

The button hierarchy for the Geometry command panels is now action based rather than entity based. Other button hierarchies have been modified with a focus on ease of use.

New Icons

All of the icons have been refreshed, making the look of the GUI consistent and easier to understand.

New Context Menus for Boundary Conditions

Context menus for list, draw, and draw add have been added to boundary condition objects in the model tree.

New APREPRO Functions

Three new functions have been added to the APREPRO editor. They are NumBlocks, NumSidesets, and NumNodes. Please see documentation for information on using these functions.


Release Notes.

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Trelis 16.3
Issue Description
[SM-888] Trelis crashes when creating a boundary layer
[SM-892] Trelis crashes on contact pair selection
[SM-894] Trelis crashes on contact pair selection after geometry deletion
[SM-904] Heal - Analyze button doesn't execute command
[SM-905] Draw Normal/Reverse Normal not displaying surface normal
[SM-906] Location based options don't execute commands on the Create panels
[SM-907] Add Webcut/sheet to volume panel
[SM-908] Composite surface on PowerTools crashes
[SM-911] Crash when press the tweak button on the diagnose geometry power tool
[SM-913] Help link from Create Prism panel is incorrect
[SM-917] Geometry Power Tool inserts duplicate IDs in pick widgets
[SM-925] Boundary layer modify can't turn on internal continuity after turn off
[SM-930] Trelis crashes when splitting periodic surface using vertices for facet geometry
[SM-939] Help link from Modify-Volume-Remove Slivers panel goes to Creating Blocks
[SM-926] Change version command to list Trelis instead of Cubit
Trelis 16.3.1
Issue Description
[SM-727] Test the new Extended Selection dialog
[SM-689] Add workflow section to docs. HDF5 explanation
[SM-879] Add updates for enhanced spider command
[SM-912] Trelis crashes after repeated Undo commands
[SM-919] ITEM Remove Small Features doesn't mark okay for multiselect
[SM-921] Mesh Surface panels with Vertex Type option issues draw command when Apply Scheme
[SM-924] Change Modify and Delete boundary layer pick widgets to boundary layer type
[SM-928] Add back surface composite create panel
[SM-936] Echoing from the graphics window does not add a space after the last keyword
[SM-944] Trelis 16.3. crashes with just FEA or CFD (but not Pro)
[SM-938] Add Open Asset importer to GUI
[SM-935] Add discontinuity option to the create vertex on curve panel
Trelis 16.3.2
Issue Description
[SM-876] Tree width expands based on display label at bottom
[SM-915] Some Block pick widgets do not select the block from the tree.
[SM-949] Modify Volume Simplify Panel Error: Unable to create
[SM-950] Move Auto Clean to the Modify Virtual Geometry Operation
[SM-951] Move Collapse Angle from Modify Geometry-Vertices to Modify Virtual Geometry Vertices
[SM-952] Mod Geometry-Volumes-Propagate Curve Bias help link is broken
[SM-958] Broken pick widget for CFD Modify Boundary Condition Type panel
[SM-959] FEA BC Modify panels have duplicate ID/Name fields
[SM-960] Mesh entity filter Hotkeys are not working correctly
[SM-966] Surface sizing functions in GUI missing
[SM-863] Add the sizing function under Meshing on the Properties Page
[SM-910] Add GUI shortcuts to Property Page
[SM-934] Volume Create Sweep panel along curve pick widget label should be plural
[SM-953] Propagate Curve Bias panel in the Geometry panel might have a link to Mesh panel
[SM-954] Remember FEA and CFD entities when switching between Create Modify and Delete
[SM-956] Add a table of the specified BCs under Action Create and Action Modify
[SM-957] Remove BC Entity level and Delete by Picking option
[SM-967] Add more information to CFD command panels
Trelis 16.3.3
Issue Description
[SM-944] Trelis crashes when launching FEA version
[SM-948] Remove Volume Composite from the GUI because it is still a beta feature
[SM-968] Fix Quad Dominant scheme attribution error
Trelis 16.3.4
Issue Description
[SM-853] Smart Meshing Tool crashes driver.sat model from tutorials
[SM-979] Missing vertex icon on Geometry/Modify Virtual/Vertex
[SM-980] Incorrect link to Propagate Curve Bias help
[SM-982] BCSet panels omit the "analysistype" keyword
[SM-983] Interval Panel mesh button executes the mesh command before the setting the size or interval
[SM-984] Error in CFDDeleteNavigation.XML message when launching Trelis
Trelis 16.3.5
Issue Description
[SM-1013] Change volume imprint merge command to use 'volume' instead of 'body'.
[SM-1014] Add new Python function to create NURBS curves and surfaces.
[SM-1015] Fix post-meshing tool to properly handle multiple arguments.
[SM-1019] Change how Trelis saves the settings for the post-meshing.
Trelis 16.3.6
Issue Description
[SM-1022] Fixed issue with mesh refinement not working properly when refining three outer surfaces.

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