New Trelis Features



Improved mesh quality scale

The mesh quality scale now shows a continuum rather than ranges. Mesh elements are displayed according to the continuum to give a better representation of the mesh quality.

Improved Tetmesher

The improved tetmesher includes bug fixes and enhancements. New functionality includes the integration of the "boundary recovery" algorithms when generating tet meshes, enhancing the success rate of very complex geometries.



Improved direction, location, plane, and axis dialogs

These dialogs have been improved to include additional options, making them consistent with their associated commands.

Directional Dialog

Measure angle added to GUI context menu

When two curves or surfaces are selected, the user can select "Measure Angle" from the context menu. The computed angle between the two entities will be shown in the command output window.

Modify group colors

A command panel to modify the color of selected groups was added to Geometry/Group/Preferences.



IMPETUS exporter supports cubic elements

The IMPETUS exporter has the option of exporting HEX64 as well as quadratic elements. The hexes are not displayed as HEX64 in the Trelis graphics window, but when they elements are exported, they are converted to cubic elements. The exporter also gives the user the option of making all the hexes cubic or just the outside layer.

New Warning for Block Operations

Some users would assign geometry entities to a block, then perform additional destructive operations on those entities, such as webcuts or boolean operations. A warning has been added to inform the user to complete geometry operations on the geometry before assigning it to a block.

For example:

bri x 1
vol 1 copy move x .5
block 1 vol all
list block 1
subtract volume 2 from volume 1

Block Warning

Graphics, Utilities, etc.

License Deactivation

In previous versions of Trelis, in order to move a node-locked license from one computer to another, users were required to call technical support for assistance. Beginning with Trelis 16.2 a user can facilitate this move without additional help. For complete details about managing Trelis licenses, please see

Improved RLM Error Messages

Trelis 16.2 includes a new dialog to see the status of all existing licenses. If a licensing error occurs, this dialog will show the problem, making it easier to diagnose and repair.

Toggle Boundary Layer Visibility

A new command, boundary_layer visibility on|off was added. A new tool button was added to support this new command.


Release Notes.

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Trelis 16.2
Issue Description
[SM-868] Add deactivation button to Product Activation to allow transfer of licenses
[SM-000] Add new IMPETUS export
[SM-000] Upgrade MeshGems to 2.4.
[SM-000] Upgrade to RLM 12.1.
[SM-508] Create User-friendly RLM Error Message
[SM-815] Add visibility on/off for boundary layers.
[SM-827]Improve direction dialog to include direction options.
[SM-861] Set Consolidate Blocks default to ON for Fluent exporter
[SM-864]Add "measure angle" to the GUI for measuring the angle between two curves or surfaces
[SM-394] Make exporters consistent in handling cubit ids
[SM-880]Update the CATIA translator build to 16.2
[SM-475] Importing component crashes trelis
[SM-823]Save As file type does not save actual file type selected (.trelis/.cub file format)
[SM-855] RLM-Server doesn't have Qt packaged correctly
[SM-857]undo duplicates boundary layers
[SM-860] Mesh scaling GUI "Maintain Mesh Features" options error and Volume pickwidget problem
[SM-865]Select 3D Element selects tet other than the one under mouse pointer
[SM-869] Graphics View Hotkeys missing F5
[SM-000]Bringing the scale mesh UI update to date with the underlying code.
[SM-000] Fix for SM-855 (RLM-Server doesn't have Qt packaged correctly)
[SM-000]Add descriptive error for expired license to the license testing.
[SM-000] Fix for failing quad_dominant4.
[SM-000]Adding a context menu for measuring the angle between two selected curves or two selected surfaces.
[SM-000] Setting the consolidate flag on by default in the fluent exporter
[SM-000]Fix some incorrect indices.
[SM-000] Fix some issues with node, edge, and face ordering.
[SM-000]Fixing a typo in the graphics view hotkey screen.
[SM-000] Removing any reference the cubitids in the export dialog. Cubitids had been disabled and unreachable some time ago. Now the code is gone.
[SM-000]Add a class to handle cubic elements for the Impetus exporter.
[SM-000] Change to get node coordinates in bulk.
[SM-000]Fix for importing m2g file - was skipping reading the topology data of geometry exists.
[SM-000] Add the new QVTKWidget3.
[SM-000]Fix for failing hdf5 file import.
[SM-000] Implement more APIs in CubitExoMesh.
[SM-000]Add some additional metric function declarations to verdict.
[SM-000] Added range type to the new parser.
[SM-000]Finish CubitExoMesh::get_element_types and CubitExoMesh::get_ids, and add unittests.
[SM-000] Update to include boundary layer improvements.
[SM-000]Fix for bug: Creating orphaned, extraneous when refining with command
[SM-000] Combine the no_geom, opennurbs, and acis options into a single "choice" since you cannot specify more than one of these on a single command. ACIS is the default.
[SM-000]Adding print warning for failed interval matching in scale mesh. Changing number of times to relax interval constraints in scale mesh interval matching from 1 to 4.
[SM-000] Added optional card to M2G file for VOLUME BLOCK. Added functions to read and to query the associated block for a volume.
[SM-000]changing sculpt trimeshing to generate only a single block - rather than assigning triangles on surfaces associated with the same material to the same block.
[SM-000] adding VOLUME BLOCK card to m2g file to keep track of blocks without elements
[SM-000]Making "Copy mesh surface" mesh the source surface if it is not meshed.
[SM-000] Better failure logic in get_closest_point. closest_point_trimmed now just calling get_closest_point fixed evaluate function so that normal respects sense of Surface wrt underlying ON_Surface.
[SM-000]Creating large underlying surfaces for plane, cones, cylinders.
[SM-000] Chech that not only the correct number of vertices are created in the decomposition, but that they are also created on the correct nodes.
[SM-000]Fix the thin gap detection. In a single thin gap, we were marking too many nodes to be imprinted into the block decomp
[SM-000] Read and store mesh topology from m2g file
[SM-000]Allow additional file extensions for exodus file
[SM-000] Added optional argument [no_geom] to export m2g that will permit exporting the mesh and m2g file without a geometry file
[SM-000]changed the import m2g capability to directly generate the geometry from the topology info in the m2g file.
[SM-000] Implemented bounding_box function for a surface.
[SM-000]Fix for getting bounding box for 3D geometry. Was only getting a 2D box.
[SM-000] Fixing crash in faceted Booleans.
[SM-000]Fixed bug in mesh scaling interval matching.
[SM-000] Adding new aprepro functions to get quality for scale mesh: MeanMeshQuality( "element type", "metric" ) //gets the mean value of "metric" for all elements of "element_type" in the model MinMeshQuality( "element type", "metric" ) //gets the minimum value of "metric" for all elements of "element_type" in the model MeanSurfaceMeshQuality( id, "metric" ) //gets the mean value of "metric" for all element in surface "id" MeanVolumeMeshQuality( id, "metric" ) //gets the mean value of "metric" for all element in volume "id"
[SM-000]Account for tangent case when only one vertex
[SM-000] implementing new import m2g command
[SM-000]Fixed bug Refined command didn't handle higher order nodes correctly.
[SM-000] Improve handling of facet based point-curves.
[SM-000]adding test for new import m2g command - currently developer command
[SM-000] Fix Hex cleanup now handles more cases than before, cleaning up more meshes.
[SM-000]Improvements to drawing quality.
[SM-000] Add ability to check for boundary layer support using the aprepro HasFeature().
[SM-000]Fix for crash in draw_surface_and_trimming_curves when no edges are present. Added code to make u,v parameter space trimming curve G0 continuous at endpoints on periodic surfaces.
[SM-000] Fix for not drawing all points.
[SM-000]Fixed bug Create curve vertex ellipse command not being journaled.
[SM-000] Fix bug crash in hex cleanup. The bad hexes were near a corner of the geometry. When it went to look for an adjacent hex column it couldn't find one because it was outside the geometry.
[SM-000]Fix for SM-849 (Save As command saves a Trelis instead of a Cubit file)
[SM-000] Check if journaling is on before trying to embed in the trelis/cub file.
[SM-000]Added ability to split curves at periodic boundaries in the u direction of a parametric surface in u,v.
[SM-000] Remove block option from "create element revolve ..." command.
[SM-000]Add scaled jacobian metric for hex27 elements.
[SM-000] Add altitude metric for tet15, wedge21 and hex27.
[SM-000]Updating the 'location on a curve' options panel. Also ensured strings will be localized in other options panels.
[SM-000] Updated the plane options dialog. It is now compliant with the documented features associated with the option.
[SM-000]Adding 'node distance' to the list of metrics in the quality command panel.
[SM-000] Add node distance metric for tet15, wedge21, and hex27.
[SM-000]Fix display of higher order nodes on free mesh.
[SM-000] Add help strings for wedge and pyramid quality.
[SM-000]Adding 'boundary_layer visibility {on|off} command.
[SM-000] Add hex27 jacobian metric.
[SM-000]Add wedge21 jacobian metric.
[SM-000] Add tet15 jacobian metric.
Trelis 16.2.1
Issue Description
[SM-882] Fix double clicking a curve to select the associated volume.
Trelis 16.2.2
Issue Description
[SM-871] Trelis crash in create curve helix with undefined APREPRO variable
[SM-875] Trelis crashes in mesh scheme auto widget after sizing function command
[SM-883] Quality options not performing correctly
[SM-885] Trelis crash on Windows when creating a new graphics window
[SM-896] Fix tab order in curve create panel
[SM-000] Fix a crash when using Fly Into on Groups from the context menu in the tree

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