New Trelis Features



New Smart Meshing Tool

csimsoft is continually looking for opportunities to make the power of Trelis more accessible and obvious. With Trelis 16.1 we have released the new Smart Meshing Tool.

ITEM was designed to guide users through the complexities of hex meshing. The Smart Meshing Tool is a first step towards more automatic hex, tet, or mixed meshing. Simply tell the Smart Meshing Tool what bodies to mesh, set up the mesh scheme priority desired, indicate whether smoothing is desired, and hit "Run". The tool will use the power of Trelis' automatic tools to produce a high-quality mesh if at all possible.

Improved Mesh scaling

Mesh Scaling continues to improve in terms of functionality and robustness. Trelis 16.1 includes the latest version of Mesh Scaling.

Improved tri and tetmesher

Trelis 16.1 integrates Distene's most recent MeshGems technologies. These technologies are more robust, reliable, and faster than previous versions, producing better meshes on complex geometries.

Copy Mesh Improvements

The mesh copy surface command and command panel have been redesigned to be more robust and more precise and flexible. It is now possible to indicate specific vertices interior to the source and target surfaces which are to be matched during the copy. Any number of vertex pairs and vertex loops may be specified.



New IMPETUS exporter

The IMPETUS Afea Solver is a system for non-linear explicit finite element simulations developed by IMPETUS Afea. Trelis 16.1 now support the IMPETUS mesh format.

Higher-order elements in .trelis (HDF5) files

Now Trelis can more robustly handle higher-order elements in .trelis (HDF5) files.


Graphics, Utilities, etc.

New Model Tree

The Model Tree has been redesigned and rewritten. As a result, the tree is more efficient and much easier to replicate for 3rd-party developers who want to extend the graphical user interface for their customers' needs. The underlying context-menu system was also redesigned making the user experience more consistent.

New Rubber-band Selection

A new Sphere selection mode has been added to the rubber-band selection menu. Click the toolbar button until the sphere selection is displayed. Then, hold down the Ctrl key while dragging with the left mouse button held down.


Release Notes.

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Trelis 16.1
Issue Description
[SM-616] Delete Boundary Layer from Properties Page Not Journaled
[SM-627] Crash in Beta when importing Parasolid model
[SM-679] Crash on Mac with El Capitan
[SM-750] Non-manifold geometry - Incorrect invalid mesh error - Bounding mesh has odd Euler characteristic
[SM-781] Include Trelis Direct Translators in the Trelis 16.1 installation package instead of separate package
[SM-801] Wrong pick widget type in Location dialog
[SM-809] New 16.0+ Tree has display problem after surface composite
[SM-810] Split curve command shows error message when using GUI
[SM-813] Fixed Export error - File name is not valid
[SM-814] Auto Mesh Progress window remains persistent over other program windows
[SM-807] Allow more ids in the pick widget
[SM-754] Add Impetus exporter
[SM-777] Add shortcuts between volume/create/from-bounding-surfaces and volume/modify/stitch
[SM-539] Update to Qt 5
[SM-640] Remove SpaceClaim component--not automatically loaded in Trelis
[SM-000] Smart Meshing Tool - see html documentation for details
[SM-000] Updated command panels to reflect updated Trelis commands
[SM-000] General bug fixes in Model Tree
[SM-000] Use global element ids for all mesh exporters
[SM-000] Complete rewrite of the surface mesh copy command making it more robust and extensible
[SM-000] Removed mesh scheme "mirror"
[SM-000] Added a "mirror" option to the scheme copy/morph command and GUI
[SM-000] Added an APREPRO function "GetMachineType" which returns "Microsoft Windows", "Linux" or "Darwin"
[SM-000] APREPRO "FileExists()" now accepts absolute paths in addition to relative paths
[SM-000] More robust tri and tet meshing
[SM-000] Improvement to Mesh Scaling
[SM-000] Added block option to the "create element revolve" command
[SM-000] Increased export support for higher-order tet, pyramid, and wedge elements
[SM-000] Rubberband selection in the graphics window now supports a 'sphere' selection mode
[SM-000] More robust handling of higher-order elements in .trelis (HDF5) files
Trelis 16.1.1
Issue Description
[SM-485] Isolate is slow with many entities
[SM-607] IDEAS exporter does not export boundary conditions and the associated sidesets
[SM-610] Not setting sizing function on surfaces before tetmeshing
[SM-615] Add Boundary Layer Visibility On/Off and toolbar button
[SM-617] Delete Boundary Layer All Command From GUI Error
[SM-619] Boundary layer skewed near curve
[SM-635] Exported Fluent Mesh Crashes Trelis When Importing Back Into Trelis
[SM-637] CFD Boundary condition cannot add a second surface after created, but can add two surfaces when created
[SM-672] Add topology color (like contour) for each entity
[SM-732] Swept surface doesn't create a meshed volume after surface swept in other direction
[SM-734] Trelis 16.0 Help Possible Missing Section?
[SM-786] Remove "unmeshed" keyword from the command help
[SM-791] Update the GUI for the abaqus export command
[SM-796] Boundary Layer fails when meshing cylinder within brick
[SM-799] Need to add new block element types to block/manage/element types command panel
[SM-818] Remove "translator not installed" error message
[SM-819] View Point keystoke Shft-F10 does not work
[SM-820] Support wedges in Abaqus exporter
[SM-821] Add GUI command panel to modify group colors
[SM-824] Tree crashing after webcut with tool body
[SM-828] Fix crash when using MoveNodeInteractor on 64 bit Windows
[SM-829] Fix display of higher order nodes on free mesh. Also double deletion of MoveNodeInteractor at shutdown.
[SM-830] Fix update of graphics after using non-fixed smoothers
[SM-831] Crash when faceting fails on a partitioned body.
[SM-832] Sweeping along a curve results in the swept surface normal and mesh face normal being in the opposite directions
[SM-833] Pickwidget color fix and combobox behavior
[SM-834] Model in graphics window loses transparency when rotating
[SM-835] List command error when displaying output for meshed volume/area with mixed meshes
[SM-836] Fix performance issue drawing block attributes when blocks contain mesh elements
[SM-837] Error when deleting edges related to sphere elements. Include sphere elements in a node's list.
[SM-838] Updated the GUI for the Abaqus exporter to support writing node files, element files, partial files, and flat files
[SM-839] Add new block element types (wedges, pyramids, tet15) into the command panel for blocks. Fixed the command line help string which included a typo and an unsupported element type.
[SM-840] New warning to suggest completing geometry operations before assigning blocks/performing operations that may destroy assigned entities
Trelis 16.1.2
Issue Description
[SM-549] Fix incorrect advanced options of Plane Location panel.
[SM-641] Sweep failure with boundary layer on brick with hole.
[SM-842] Make the graphics view hotkeys more visible to the user.
[SM-844] ACIS Attributes are not imported when using Import GUI.
[SM-847] Extended Selection UI elements persist.
[SM-850] Extended Selection Load dialog changes folder on Cancel. Fix to keep current folder.
[SM-856] Fixed No Disk error when launching Trelis, USB drive search.
Trelis 16.1.3
Issue Description
[SM-858] Tree not updating properly after importing CATIA V5 models.
[SM-859] Update the graphics view hotkey list in the context menu.

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