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Mesh scaling

Mesh Scaling provides the ability to scale the number of elements in an all hexahedral mesh.

For example, the image below shows an initial mesh with 2124 hexahedral elements.

Issuing the command scale mesh multiplier 2.0 will result with 4275 hexahedral elements, for an increase of 2152 new hexahedral elements spread as evenly as possible over the model, as illustrated in the image below.

scale mesh example 1

scale mesh example 2

Likewise, issuing the command scale mesh multiplier 4.0 will result with 9203 hexahedral elements, as illustrated in the image below.

Mesh Scaling can also perform global coarsening of the mesh by specifying a multiplier less than 1.0. For example, issuing the command scale mesh multiplier 0.75 will result with 1573 hexahedral elements, as illustrated in the image below.

scale mesh example 3

scale mesh example 4

Mesh Scaling is a powerful tool to be used for solution verification, where multiple analyses are performed on a model with a series of incrementally finer meshes in order to perform solution convergence studies. With traditional refinement, element counts will increase by 8X for each incrementally finer mesh, quickly exhausting computational resources for the set of analyses. In contrast, Mesh Scaling allows more gradual increments between each mesh in the series, allowing for more solution data points for the convergence studies while using less computational resources.

Quad dominant surface meshing

Trelis 15.2 presents more features of Distene's MeshGems-CADSurf technology, including quadrangle dominant meshes. This mesher works with manifold and non-manifold geometries, preserving the CAD associativity with the underlying CAD model. A volume can include both triangle meshed surfaces as well as quad-dominant meshed surfaces.

Simplified classic geometry adaptive GUI

In previous versions of Trelis the GUI for the classic geometry adaptive sizing scheme was very complicated. With Trelis 15.2 the controls that are most useful to the user are made obvious and easier to use. Some controls have been deprecated in the GUI. All controls remain available at the command line.

Improved tetmesher

Trelis 15.2 integrates Distene's most recent MeshGems-CADSurf and MeshGems-Tetra technologies. These excellent technologies are even more robust, reliable, and faster than previous versions, producing correct meshes on complex industrial geometries.

Faster hexahedral mesh deletion

Free mesh deletion is orders of magnitude faster than in previous versions of Trelis.

Sphere scheme

The meshing algorithm for scheme sphere has been rewritten to provide better control over the resulting mesh. The mesh from scheme sphere consists of an inner and an outer region analogous to the circle scheme for surface meshing. The inner region is cube-shaped and the outer region connects the 6 faces of the cube out to the sphere surface.

Specifying the az_interval provides control over the overall mesh coarseness; fraction controls the percentage of the sphere radius covered by the inner cube; the number of layers and bias in the outer region are controlled by graded_interval and bias, respectively. Mesh quality can be improved by specifying the max_smooth_iterations. Examples are shown below.

Fig 1:fraction 0.7 graded_interval 5 az_interval 32 bias 1.0 max_smooth_iterations 2
Fig 2: fraction 0.9 graded_interval 9 az_interval 32 bias 1.5 max_smooth_iterations 0

Tolerant imprinting merge option

When using tolerant imprinting, there is now an option to merge, allowing a user to tolerant imprint and merge.

Improved classic geometry adaptive sizing

The GUI for setting the parameters for the classic geometry adaptive sizing function has been simplified to easily display commonly used controls.

Faster hex mesh deletion

The algorithm for deleting hex meshes has been improved so that it take less time to delete.

Quality scale bar text color

Users can now specify the color of the test of the quality scale to fit better with a chosen background color.


Faster mesh based geometry creation

Mesh-based geometry creation has been refactored to be faster.

Specify beam rotation angle

This added option allows a user to specify the rotation angle of a beam.


New water tight option for STL importer

STL import now includes an option to ensure water-tight facets.

ANSYS .CDB file format support

Trelis now supports the export of ANSYS .cdb files, including EBLOCK, NBLOCK, and CMBLOCK.

LS-Dyna exporter supports wedges

Trelis now supports the export of Wedge elements in the LS-Dyna exporter.

Fluent exporter supports 3D surface mesh

Now Trelis allows you to export Fluent 3D surface meshes with the improved Fluent export.

FEA/CFD specific importers/exporters

Depending on the version of Trelis you have, the importers and exporters will allow you to use the format for your solver.

Graphics, Utilities, etc.

Improved graphics performance

Several areas of the graphics have been refactored in order to improve speed and rendering efficiencies.

RLM deactivation

The RLM activation utility rlm_activate has been enhanced with a new option for deactivating a license.

Release Notes.

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Trelis 15.2.0
Issue Description
[SM-108] Tip of the Day is blank at startup
[SM-172] Renumber panels can't select elements
[SM-420] Remeshing vs. Cubitids option problem
[SM-422] Problems with Contact Sets export
[SM-458] Error generated when importing stl file
[SM-476] Panel for webcut-with-sheet not accepting body as tool
[SM-481] Export hex element for Abaqus/ANSYS
[SM-496] Exodus Sizing Crash
[SM-519] Hex Crash
[SM-536] Enable Journaling Button Bug
[SM-550] Sizing Function Crash
[SM-551] Same Element Type Mesh Refinement Bug
[SM-561] Crash when saving a .cub file
[SM-564] HDF5 Error when preserving undo information for imprint and merge
[SM-572] Delete volume generates HDF5 errors
[SM-574] Sweep Panel Allows Source and Target Surfaces from Different Volumes
[SM-586] ITEM Right-click Crash
[SM-587] Export Interim Dialog Accepts Empty String
[SM-591] Lofted volumes tetmesh strangely where surfaces meet
[SM-596] Multi-process license files "Failed to checkout features from license file"
[SM-601] Set overlap imprint Help command incorrect
[SM-606] Crash - volume label = size and webcut crash
[SM-608] RLM Installation Error - Unexpected Operator Unable to Add RLM Service at Bootup
[SM-609] Tetmesher Freezes
[SM-614] Crashing Bug - Sweep Surface
[SM-631] GUI connection error
[SM-632] Meshing with boundary layers error
Trelis 15.2.1
Issue Description
[SM-665] Linux import of STL uses incorrect importer
[SM-666] Added number of facets to binary output in STL export when using the watertight option
[SM-667] Added the ability to export material data to Abaqus
[SM-668] Incorrect node count in the property page when multiple volumes are selected
Trelis 15.2.2
Issue Description
[SM-603] Trelis Help link not working.
[SM-618] Update GUI to match changes in sweep command syntax
[SM-662] Allow body picking after issuing "draw volume" command
[SM-670] Create group with 'merged' or 'unmerged' identifier not working
[SM-673] Duplicate group names in tree
[SM-674] Ideas exporter error when exporting with cubitids
[SM-724] Fixed crashing bug for 'modify materials' in the BC commands
[SM-692] Fixes Trelis 15.2 Help - Broken Links
[SM-702] Trelis 15.2 Help - Missing Info
[SM-57] Add Gambit Mouse Select - Change Curve Highlight
[SM-677] Create interior wall between solid and fluid CFD media in Fluent exporter
[SM-709] Add pyramid support to Nastran exporter
[SM-681] Add post-meshing button and dialog into Trelis with additional parameters and ability to run script file prior to executing command
[SM-688] Add *.trelis (HDF5 format) to save as filters. Added all necessary support for HDF5 format.
[SM-511] Fix MeshGems CADSurf issues
[SM-621] Add Command to GUI - Pillow In Volume Through Surface
[SM-678] Released Merge Node command panel (no longer a developer command)
[SM-690] Prevent the SpaceClaim component from loading in Trelis by default
[SM-720] Add CGM headers to Trelis SDK
[SM-721] Remove geom and util headers from SDK
[SM-722] Remove cubit.command script from Trelis package on Mac
[SM-723] Added OpenFOAM option back into the mesh export list for CFD and Pro versions.
[SM-710] "Global Parallel Refinement" is removed from the GUI

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