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Release Notes

Trelis 15.0 New Features

Trelis 15.0 includes the latest enhancements that make Trelis more powerful and even more user-friendly.

New features were added to make geometry preparation easier and to offer support for importing and exporting more file formats. Core meshing and sizing algorithms have been improved to give better mesh quality. Significant improvements to the GUI makes Trelis even easier to use.

Trelis 15.0


  • New GAMBIT geometry reader
  • Added support for reading Parasolid, SolidWorks and Pro/E files (Sold separately)
  • Improved STEP/IGES translation
  • Updated geometry kernel to ACIS version 24
  • Align command improvements
  • New tolerance option for imprint tolerant


  • Added support for pyramids and wedges
  • Improved boundary layer functionality
  • Circle Scheme improvements for more control over circle meshes
  • Improved Sweeping algorithm for better quality
  • Added support for tet meshing with baffles and non-manifold geometries
  • New auto-bias scheme and automatic smooth gradient triangle meshes
  • New vertex sizing
  • Improved Skeleton sizing
  • New Verde mesh quality tools
  • Additional Fluent metrics: tet equivolume skew and tet squish index
  • Improved Paving algorithm
  • New option for mesh refinement with n tets through thickness
  • Add ability to unite meshed volumes

Mesh IO

  • Improved exporter for Fluent, IDEAS, Exodus, Patran, Nastran, LS-Dyna, Abaqus
  • Higher order element improvements including support for higher order wedges
  • Sphere element support (Exodus)
  • New material capabilities


  • New icons for the pick filters
  • New cursors for active pick widgets
  • Replaced Quad/Tri with 2D element picking and Hex/Tet with 3D element picking in pick filters
  • Various pick widget fixes to pick the right entity type
  • Modified command panel groupings (ex: Sweep is now in geometry create and geometry modify)
  • Modified the order that entities appear in the tree (Geometry now appears at the top)
  • Removed multi-volume bodies from the tree
  • New webcut tools (webcut with sheet, with plane from surface, with tool surface)
  • New Surface->Modify->Reverse Normal panel
  • Enable undo by default in the GUI (first time Trelis is opened)
  • New Create Bounding Box in Volume->Create panel for easily creating a bounding box around a volume or volumes
  • Improved responsiveness of the cancel operation button
  • Changed Patran file type to list .neu instead of .ntr
  • Added Geometry->Group command panels for group operations
  • Improved Custom Tools
  • Includes a shortcut button on the toolbar to the custom tools panel in the options dialog
  • Added the ability to run a journal file or python script as a custom tool


  • APREPRO function additions: block attributes, centroid, bounding box, closest node
  • Significant performance improvements in various operations
  • Mac 64 bit support with the updated geometry kernel ACIS version 24
  • Improved ID-less support for using older CUBIT and Trelis .cub files
  • New Reprise License Manager for more flexible license management options


  • Complete rebranding of Trelis using xml file
  • Internationalization fixes
  • Improved SDK (Sold separately)
    • Mesh import/export interface for creating custom importers and exporters
    • Command plug-ins

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Release Notes

Trelis 15.0 Release Notes
Issue Type Description
Fixed Fixed failed to connect to server license when launching with Deb package of Trelis
Fixed Fixed export to ANSYS format from GUI menu
Fixed Fixed crash when using Simplify command
Fixed Fixed problem with entering reset after Remesh action
Fixed Fixed crash in ITEM wizard relating to the auto fix solution for removing small features.
Fixed Fixed the right-click option in the entity tree.
Fixed Fixed the problem with Boundary Layer webcutting using XY plane
Fixed Fixed problem with using boolean unite of volumes with boundary layers
Fixed Fixed problem with empty panel in Group Modify causes crash
Fixed Fixed problem with creating boundary layer on a prism
Fixed Fixed problem with modify curve (blend) on volume
Fixed Fixed problem model lighting
Fixed Fixed copy transform command
Fixed Fixed pickwidget that required two clicks instead of just one
Fixed Fixed Problem with mesh copy
Fixed Fixed boundary layer problems when modifying intersection type
Fixed Fixed issuue withy setting specific meshing scheme in the GUI leading to ERROR: No entity with ID 1 was found
Fixed Fixed boundary layer issue when using "except" specifying surfaces
Fixed Fixed problem when using thicken command in the GUI, cannot select surface
Fixed Fixed boundary layer interval matching problem
Fixed Fixed issue during healing in ITEM
Fixed Fixed internal continuity problem
Fixed Fixed boundary layer scale problem
Fixed Fixed issue with boundary layer entity removal with continuity on
Fixed Fixed issue with boundary layer hexes being squished
Fixed Fixed issue when using thicken volumes/imprint and merge
Fixed Fixed boundary layer partial mesh save/open problem
Fixed Fixed issues with the 'set abaqus precision' command
Fixed Fixed cubitids option in mesh export panels
Fixed Fixed issue with "reset" journaling "volume"
Fixed Fixed issue with boundary layers not being visible
Fixed Fixed issue with BC nodeset disappearing from the tree when saving .cub file
Fixed Fixed log file display option not working in GUI
Fixed Fixed the Cancel button on the progress bar that didn't cancel the operation in certain cases
Fixed Fixed Action menu setting to reset.
Fixed Fixed boundary layer to move when moving associated volume
Fixed Fixed the error messaged in the new Group panels
Fixed Fixed the Preview button in new Group panels
Fixed Fixed ITEM Setup FEA Model causes reset to journal volume
Fixed Fixed Preview button in the Webcut panel
Fixed Fixed issue in ITEM after issuing Imprint/Merge commands
Fixed Fixed meshed boundary layer affecting the volume
Fixed Fixed issue with any volume transformation excluding boundary layers on volume
Fixed Fixed cone webcut option calls for Surface IDs instead of Volume IDs
Fixed Fixed Undo Bug-Tweaking Doubler to Target Surfaces
Fixed Fixed issue when adding boundary layers to all of a pyramid's surfaces
Fixed Fixed boundary layer growth rate
Fixed Fixed issue when adding boundary layers to conflicting surfaces on a brick
Fixed Fixed issue when going around rounded surfaces, the boundary layer hexes are squished in the middle.
Fixed Fixed issue with boundary layer meshing with sizing
Fixed Fixed issue with the Thicken panel not selecting surface or sheet
Fixed Fixed Linux shortcuts not working after install
Fixed Fixed TrelisLM install problems
Fixed Fixed the default install location to Program Files (x86) on Windows 32-bit and Program Files on Windows 64-bit
Fixed Fixed issue when exporting to ANSYS format when no geometry or mesh
Fixed Fixed imported Patran files do not read sidesets
Fixed Fixed permissions problem on Linux Mint
Fixed Fixed Preview in Power Tools
Fixed Fixed issue in the Group Mesh panel, the Mesh button is a check box
Fixed Fixed the Surface Webcut tooltip refers to Volumes
Fixed Fixed the Sphere Creation Inverse button can be activated and then stays on even when not in use
Fixed Fixed the Webcut a cross-hatching boundary layer leads to ERROR
Fixed Fixed the issue with using the draw command while selecting volumes in the mesh scheme panel hides all volumes
Fixed Fixed the Custom Tools buttons that include the reset command clearing the undo group
Fixed Fixed the Volume Rotate command error brings up incorrect help prompt
Trelis 15.0.1 Release Notes
Issue Type Description
Fixed Revise cylinder create command that fails on my linux.
Fixed Fixed error in buffer size calculation for tets and pyramids.
Fixed Regression in mesh graphics performance issue. VTK 5.10 upgrade causes rending speed to slow.
Fixed Tree - Delete doesn't work for Materials -> CFDMedia
Fixed Bad TETRA10 elements (negative jacobian) are generated
Fixed Problem with pull-down menus for the Geometry Volume Create commands
Fixed Problem with analyzing surfaces from the geometry power tools.
Fixed Wrong beam element type in export to UNV
Fixed Incorrect volume name displayed when model is imported (.stp)
Fixed Problem with deleting a volume with "keep lower geometry" option in case the volume is merged with neighboring volumes.
Fixed Problem with deleting merged surface. Failed to delete merged surface with "keep lower geometry" option.
Fixed Group crash when element added to group
Fixed Reset entity Bug after sweep operation
Fixed Problem with analyzing surfaces from the geometry power tools, cannot select surfaces in the select box for Volume ID(s).
Fixed Crash with sweep meshing with "redistribute nodes" option.
Fixed "sweep surface" command with "include_mesh" has a problem with meshing volume, fail to create a volume mesh.
Fixed Problem with Exporting Boundary Conditions to FLUENT. Fail to export boundary conditions to FLUENT of which surface has an internal area vector.
Fixed Misspelled Tooltip in CFD BC Toolbar - "Symmetrys"
Fixed Fix for opening .cub file with sidesets with exclusions (surface X without face Y).
Fixed Partial fix for duplicated higher order nodes during import
Fixed Fix for some new valgrind errors
Fixed Fix sizing function initialization with boundary layers
Fixed Fix for case where sheet body gets merged between two solid volumes and after deleting the sheet body and an adjacent volume, the surface normal on one of the surfaces of the remaining volume point in the wrong direction
Fixed Fix for double rotation on merged away free entities
Fixed Fix for hang when picking on a curve after skeleton sizing
Fixed Fix for MRefGroup::expand_group function
Fixed Fix duplicate name bug for import of STEP files
Fixed Fixed the license folder location in Trelis installation
Improvement Added methods to support drawing pyramids in support of pyramid transition meshing.
Improvement Added method to erase tets from the container in support of pyramid transition meshing.
Improvement Added methods to support pyramid transition methods.
Improvement Added more graphics to help debug pyramid-pyramid intersection code.
Improvement Revised draw_tris to call draw_tri like the other draw multiple entity methods.
Improvement Added support for a bounding box of the pyramid.
Improvement Added support for bounding box of the triangle.
Improvement Added methods to get tets and pyramids from container.
Improvement Added methods to add/remove pyramids to CMLVolNode in support of pyramid transition meshing.
Improvement Revised calculation of surface quality to make it consistent with triangle
Improvement Clarify Boolean Subtract Labels, graphics added for clarification.
Improvement Reorganization of pull-down menus for the Geometry Volume Create commands.
Improvement Add skin command changes to documentation
Improvement In the GUI, the extend by sweep option should include a 'include mesh' or 'keep' option
Improvement "Get Settings" button in the Curve Mesh panel-1. Bias/Intervals & Bias in which bias is equal to one 2. Equal (Approximate Size & Interval) 3. Bias/First Size & Last Size
Improvement Finish pyramid support to work well with new boundary layer meshing.
Improvement Display the maintenance release version in the Trelis About screen and short version in title
Improvement RLM License Server reread command that automatically rereads when a server license is activated.
Improvement Clarified labels and error messages to assist user in the product activation dialog
Improvement Update csimsoft_cubit submodule for Trelis 15.0
Trelis 15.0.2 Release Notes
Issue Type Description
Fixed Fixed Tetmesh optimization commands from GUI are incorrect.
Fixed Fixed "sweep surface along curve" command with "include_mesh" has a problem with meshing side surfaces.
Fixed Fixed Volume Heal command panel pick widget allow only voume type.
Fixed Fixed Source and Target surfaces don't appear automatically in GUI if there is already a mesh on the volume.
Fixed Fixed crash while saving the file after Regularize command.
Trelis 15.0.3 Release Notes
Issue Type Description
Fixed Changed "Proe" to "Pro/E" in file import dialog.
Fixed Boundary layer compile fixes.
Fixed Avoid writing invalid remote.lic file.
Fixed Initializing previews.
Fixed Restart RLM server when activating using GUI.
Fixed Failure in import of SolidWorks files.
Fixed Reading higher-order pyramids from Cub file.
Fixed Reformatted list handling of spline function so that location method functions correctly
Fixed Start vertex resetting on Intervals and Bias
Fixed Mesh panel clears entity pick widget after mesh.
Fixed Double-delete ACIS BODY.
Fixed New parser with commands that start with entity lists.
Fixed Reformatted list handling of spline function so that location method functions correctly.
Improvement Add GUI to server activation and change name from TrelisLM to RLM-Server
Improvement Trelis OEM translator package move Pro/E to direct translator.
Improvement Updating Curve Mesh Bias GUI.
Improvement Added Apply Size or Scheme Before Meshing option.
Improvement Allow user to suppress the mesh warning dialog and remember choice.
Improvement Add new Dual Bias functionality First Size & Bias, First Size & Last Size, First-Last Ratio and Last-First Ratio.
Improvement Transparent highlight during transparent mode.
Improvement Added auto-delete on mesh curve panel.
Improvement Changed "Standalone" to "Node-locked" in Product Activation window.
Improvement Edge meshing algorithm to allow for independent
Improvement Added support for ID-less journaling to new parser.

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