New Trelis Features



Updated Meshing Alorithms

Triangle Meshing Improvements

  • The self-intersection prevention algorithm for triangle meshes has been enhanced, especially on curved thin areas.
  • Mesh quality has been improved when sizing is chaotic
  • Volume gradation performance has improved
  • More robust triangle meshing of discrete geometry

Tetrahedral Meshing Improvement

  • The gradation, minimum size, and maximum size are handled better making it possible to generate a coarser mesh than previous versions as the gradation increases.
  • Improved memory management decreasing crashes

Enhanced Lite Meshing

'Lite' mesh elements introduced in the previous version have some additional functionality, including:

  • When hitting 'n' in the graphics window the listing now includes Lite elements
  • More functions for highlighting and drawing Lite elements
  • The Model Tree icon will change for blocks, sidesets, and nodesets when Lite elements are contained


Easy Access to More Power Tools

The ITEM Wizard contains many tools that are useful for defeaturing models or otherwise preparing a model for meshing. The most popular tools have been exposed as command panels making them easier to access and enabling their use in a custom tool bar.

  • Remove Small Features
  • Check Meshability
  • Check for Blend Surfaces
  • Manage Gaps and Overlaps
  • Manage Imprint and Merge
  • Force a Sweep
  • Suggest Source and Target Sweep Surfaces
  • Suggest Decomposition Solutions

New CubitInterface Command: Remove Blunt Tingencies

A new command and command panel was added to remove blunt tangencies. This command works on areas where tangencies cause very small elements and small time steps. See Help for more information.

Command: blunt tangency vertex [remove_material] [angle ] [depth ] [preview]


Graphics, Utilities, etc.

Enhanced Graphics Pipeline Performance

The graphics subsystem was upgraded to VTK 8.0, using OpenGL2.

Rendering speed has increased anywhere from 4 times to 100 times, depending on the model being rendered.

Memory usage is roughly the same as in previous versions of Trelis, although memory management has improved.

Other Miscellaneous Changes

  • Added ability to add a force on a node or face
  • When selecting a material on the model tree, users can now assign that material to a block or edit the material using a context menu.
  • Added ability to perform a quality check on a block.
  • When importing or exporting Gambit Neutral File, users must now use the keyword 'neutral'. Otherwise, a .dbs file will be assumed.
  • Users can now stitch surfaces that contain composites
  • The ITEM Wizard is now its own docking window.
  • The 'create surface from curves' command is more tolerant of sloppy geometry.
  • Added a new function the CubitInterface. double evaluate_exterior_angle_at_curve( int curve_id, int volume_id)

Release Notes.

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Trelis 16.5
Issue Description
[SM-421] Fix error in sideset/nodeset/block panels
[SM-436] Fixed Property Page horizontal scroll bar appearing even when sufficient room
[SM-854] Webcut option resets to Coordinate Plane
[SM-899] Fixed CFD BC Pickwidgets to allow picking of entities
[SM-903] Implement remaining CFD pick objects
[SM-1029] Cannot create a force on a node or face
[SM-1033] Add support for displaying wedges and pyramids in the Properties Page
[SM-1032] Fix Gambit Neutral File importer
[SM-1035] RLM Error messages - All Licenses in use
[SM-1039] Remove Sculpt panels from GUI
[SM-1040] Remove sculpt libraries from Trelis
[SM-1042] Restore "consolidate" option to Fluent export GUI
[SM-1043] Missing .trelis and .cub formats on the Import menu.
[SM-1044] Webcut - Surface panel is blank
[SM-1050] Remove Flathex and Flatwedge surface type in Analysis--Bock--Element Type
[SM-1051] Update Trelis to MeshGems 2.6
[SM-1053] Fixed the xml that removed the webcut/surface command panels
[SM-1054] Create a separate ITEM powertools docking window
[SM-1056] Created new Geometry Operation for geometry cleanup and preparation
[SM-1057] Fixed issue of ability to import trelis and cubit files and export to a .cub file
[SM-1058] Allow the creation of a surface from bounding curves to be respectful of tolerant vertices.
[SM-1059] Upgrade to VTK 8.0
[SM-1060] Fix error with picking of vertices when vertex visibility is off.
[SM-1061] Update to Qt 5.8 on Linux to be consistent with Mac and Windows
[SM-1062] Fix performance rendering silhouette lines for geometry in wireframe mode.
[SM-1063] Fix issue with histogram and color table not updating.
[SM-1064] Fix for graphical update error during fly-in.
[SM-1065] Fix crash when collapsing three valent nodes on output mesh.
[SM-1066] When hitting the 'n' key in the graphics window, listing counts now supports lite mesh.
Trelis 16.5.1
Issue Description
[SM-988] "Tab Next Possible Selection" works one time only.
[SM-1073] Add back Save Selected As on the File menu lost with Cubit merge
[SM-1077] Higher order nodes snapped to the wrong side of the composite
[SM-1084] Stitch panel uses wrong entity type in the command
[SM-1085] Improve handling of quality thresholds to use <=, >= instead of <, >
[SM-1087] Fix issues with entities being selected through geometry modifications and meshing operations
[SM-1088] GAMBIT Neutral exporter incorrectly exporting QUAD type surface mesh
[SM-1089] Refreshing the Tree toggles items between show and hide
[SM-1096] Fixed crash when locate command used without additional identifier
[SM-1098] Fix updating polygon lines for polygon selections
[SM-1099] Fix display of multiple hidden curves for composites
[SM-1067] Add functions to CubitInterface to get material name/id from a block
[SM-1078] Add 'draw' option to the "Find mesh intersection" command
[SM-1079] Remove 'mesh' keyword from 'find overlap' command
[SM-1080] Enhance the "measure {vol|surf} overlap" command to measure overlap between sheet bodies
[SM-1094] Display mesh lines when drawing a surface normal
[SM-1095] Fixing a crashing bug in the tree when changing cfd_bc types from one to another
Trelis 16.5.2
Issue Description
[SM-1076] Fixed libpng12 dependency issue in Linux packages
[SM-1103] Fixed incorrect Spline command issued from GUI
Trelis 16.5.3
Issue Description
[SM-1113] Fix GAMBIT importer and exporter to properly handle Z coordinate.
[SM-1107] Add Viewport meta tag in the header on the Help RoboHelp master page.
[SM-0000] Ajustments to RPM and Deb packages for RLM-Server.
[SM-0000] Fix to way update blocks, sidesets, and nodesets through modifications to avoid dereferencing geometry being deleted.
Trelis 16.5.4
Issue Description
[SM-582] Sideset loass when exporting.
[SM-634] Trelis crash on fillet radius preview.
[SM-890] RLM-Server command line activation error.

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