Trelis Connect™ for ANSYS® Workbench™ Documentation


Welcome to Trelis Connect! This guide provides instructions for setting up and using Trelis Connect for ANSYS Workbench.

NOTE: Trelis Connect was created using ANSYS 16.0 and may not work on your current version of ANSYS Workbench.

Installation instructions.

Trelis Connect for ANSYS Workbench is only available for Windows. To install, run or double click the installation file. The installation program will look for an installed version of ANSYS Workbench. Trelis Connect was created to work with ANSYS 16.0.

Trelis Connect Installation Path

After the program is installed, the Trelis Mesh component will be available in the Workbench Component list. It now can be used in a Workbench project workspace.

Trelis Connect Component List

Indicate the path to the version of Trelis that you will be using with Workbench by opening Tools-Options and clicking on the Trelis option. Use the Browse button to browse to the folder where Trelis is installed.

Trelis Connect Component List

Using the Trelis Connect for ANSYS Workbench Component.

To use the Trelis Mesh component, drag and drop the component onto the project workspace. Connect the Trelis Mesh component to other components that input an ANSYS .CDB file or use Finite Element Modeler to connect Trelis Mesh with other components.

Trelis Connect in the WB project workspace

Double click the Trelis Mesh component to open Trelis. Import and mesh your model, then save the meshed model as a Trelis .trelis or Cubit .cub file. Trelis can then be closed or left open.

Return to Workbench. Click the Update Project button to update the link between components. A green checkmark indicates the connection.

Trelis Connect in the workspace

NOTE: Occasionally, Trelis Connect will create duplicate .dat and .inp files when connecting to other components. As long as the components indicate a green checkmark, the warnings can be ignored.

Workspace Output

Watch a video.

Watch a short video about installing and using Trelis Connect for ANSYS® Workbench™.

VIDEO: Using Trelis Connect for ANSYS® Workbench™

Need help?

If you have question concerning setting up Trelis Connect, please contact or call (801) 717-2296.