Trelis CFD


For when you need a great CFD mesh.

Customers all over the world are using Trelis for CFD. Many users find that Trelis gives them high-quality meshes for CFD analysis at a fraction of the price of other CFD meshing tools. Even many GAMBIT users are replacing their outdated GAMBIT software with Trelis CFD. Because Trelis and GAMBIT share the same roots, the transition to Trelis is easier than switching to another pre-processor. Trelis CFD gives users powerful tools for generating high-quality meshes for CFD analysis.

Trelis CFD

In addition to the standard features available in Trelis, the Trelis CFD includes:

  • Easy boundary layers creation and modification
  • Import and export formats for CFD solvers
  • Specify CFD media
  • CFD boundary conditions

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