Trelis SpaceClaim Add-in

Trelis SpaceClaim Add-in

SpaceClaim is a powerful 3D modeler that provides a fast and easy way to create, modify, and repair geometry. The Trelis SpaceClaim Add-in gives you the ability to automatically mesh your models from within SpaceClaim.

Trelis SpaceClaim Add-in

Using the Trelis SpaceClaim Add-in is easy. When your model is ready in SpaceClaim, click on the Trelis tab in the SpaceClaim ribbon where you'll find the tools you need to mesh your model. Select the solids you want to mesh and set the automatic sizing factor that will determine whether you get a fine or coarse mesh. Click the Mesh button to begin the meshing process.

The status window will let you know when your model is meshed.

Trelis Lite

The SpaceClaim model is meshed and displayed in Trelis Lite, a version of csimsoft's Trelis software that produces high-quality triangle and tetrahedral meshes. SpaceClaim and Trelis are based on the same geometry kernel, ACIS, so your SpaceClaim model isn't converted from one format to another.

The SpaceClaim Add-in also works with csimsoft's full Trelis software versions. Contact csimsoft sales for more information.

Trelis Lite Quality

Trelis Lite includes sixteen metrics for assessing mesh quality and tools for establishing boundary conditions, material properties, and other parameters necessary for analysis.

If you're not satisfied with the quality of the mesh, use SpaceClaim to modify the model. SpaceClaim has powerful repair tools for removing small features, sliver surfaces, and other features that may be difficult to mesh.

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