Solutions Partners


csimsoft has strategic solution partnerships with the following companies to provide a more complete CFD and FEA solution to our customers. csimsoft solutions partners add value to the csimsoft mesh generation software through geometry preparation, solver, and visualization tools that work well with csimsoft products.


Fidesys is an engineering consulting company founded in 2009 by experts and graduates of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Department of Mechanics and Mathematics. CAE Fidesys is an easy-to-use and effective tool for performing a full cycle of engineering-strength analysis including loading a CAD mode and its analysis, meshing, setting loads and material mechanical properties, selecting and setting a FEM-solver, model calculation, and results visualization.


SpaceClaim has become the leader in 3D Direct Modeling solutions for rapid concept design and geometry manipulation, with adoption rates within engineering, product development, and manufacturing companies soaring. SpaceClaim represents the most significant technology advancement in 3D engineering in more than a decade, delivering a tool that any engineer can use with little to no training.

IERUS Technologies

IERUS Technologies specializes in electromagnetic spectrum technologies and design for RF, IR, and optical applications. IERUS also supports customers with a diverse set of competencies including software development, air and missile defense, and systems engineering.


SIMetris is a provider of services and tools to support the product development process. Using both measurement methods as well as numerical simulations SIMetris develops custom solutions for its customers. Today SIMetris is working with small and medium size companies as well as large global players in several countries worldwide.

Azore Software

Azore Software provides expertise in fluid mechanics and applied numerical analysis. Their cross-platform CFD solver, Azore, provides reliable results to engineers and scientists who analyze a wide array of fluid mechanic and heat transfer problems.


Fieldscale offers cutting-edge simulation software for electric design and analysis, built from group-up to support the constantly growing demands of engineers for accuracy and efficiency. Its cutting-edge algorithms are integrated within a simple, intuitive user environment to support the effortless design of great products. Fieldscale solvers expand the boundaries of electric simulation as we know them today, enabling impossible simulations.


CertaSIM, LLC is the official distributor for IMPETUS Afea in North, Central and South America. They provide sales, technical support and training for the IMPETUS Afea SolverŪ. The IMPETUS Afea SolverŪ is an explicit transient dynamic solver that can accurately predict large deformations of structures and components exposed to extreme loading conditions.


AdvanceSoft Corporation is a Japanese engineering software and services company focusing on computational science and engineering. AdvanceSoft develops software solutions for CFD and FEA. Its software is used in nuclear energy, aerospace, automobile, chemical, construction, and other industries.