Randy Morris

Randy Morris

Managing Director

Mr. Randy Morris has over 33 years in commercial software development. He graduated from Brigham Young University in 1982, with a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Economics. Mr. Morris joined Sperry-Univac (later L-3 Communications) in 1984 as a software engineer working on various defense related projects. He was a member of the Software Engineering Process Group and was a Director of Engineering for Advanced Technologies at Novell and WordPerfect in Provo, Utah. He joined Lernout & Hauspie in Burlington, Massachusetts as Senior Product Manager in 1998. Mr. Morris served as president and CEO of The Translation Group (OTBB:TGL), a public company headquartered in New Jersey, with offices in France, China, and the Netherlands. He joined Elemental Technologies, Inc. in 2002 as a Senior Architect working on CUBIT and related software projects. Mr. Morris is the co-founder and Managing Director of csimsoft.

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