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csimsoft Releases Trelis 16.1 With New Smart Mesh Tool

Combines Trelis' automatic features into one tool

AMERICAN FORK, UTAH, September 1, 2016 — csimsoft today released version 16.1 of its Trelis mesh generation software for Computational Fluid Dynamics and Finite Element Analysis. The new release includes the new Smart Mesh Tool.

Smart Meshing Tool. The new Smart Meshing Tool is a new Power Tool that allows the user to specify the meshing order that Trelis will use to mesh the model. By default, the Trelis auto scheme tries to all-hex mesh, then mix mesh, then tetmesh the model. Auto smoothing tries to shape poor elements.

Additional features include;

  • Improved mesh scaling
  • Copy Mesh functionality improvements
  • New IMPETUS export
  • New Model Tree
  • Rubber-band selection using a sphere tool
  • Improved tri and tet mesher

For more information about the new features of Trelis 16.1, see Trelis 16.1 New Features

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