Edge Length

Applies to: Surfaces

Summary: This smoother tries to make all edge lengths equal

To use edge length smoothing

  1. On the Command Panel, click on Mesh and then Surface.
  2. Click on the Smooth action button.
  3. Select Edge Length from the drop-down menu.
  4. Enter in the appropriate values for Surface ID(s). This can also be done using the Pick Widget function.
  5. Click Apply.

Surface <range> Smooth Scheme Edge Length


Edge Length smoothing in Trelis is provided by MESQUITE, a mesh optimization toolkit by Argonne National Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratories. (See Brewer, et al. 2003 for more details on the MESQUITE toolkit.) This smooth scheme may be useful for lengthening the shortest edge length in paved meshes.

Interior node positions are adjusted in an optimization loop where the optimal element has an ideal shape (square) and has an area equal to the average element area of the input mesh.

NOTE: This smoother should be avoided when the mesh contains high aspect-ratio elements that the user wants to keep.

Because this smoother essentially tries to make all the edge lengths equal, it is designed to work well on meshes whose elements have aspect ratios close to 1. The farther from 1 the aspect ratio is, the less applicable this smoother will be.