Matching Tetrahedral Meshes

The intended use of this function is for importing two exodus or genesis files that have non-conforming mesh where they touch and modifying the meshes locally to make them conforming.  The result is a single mesh that is stitched together at the locally modified region. This functionality is currently only available for tetrahedral meshes.
Tetrahedral mesh matching will work on free mesh only.  The interface where the two meshes will be matched need not be planar. A single target sideset and one or more source sidesets should be provided. The source sideset should be completely enclosed in the target sideset so that the boundaries of the two sidesets do not intersect.  The two meshes need not touch exactly at the sidesets but the closer the meshes are to touching the better the results will be.  Small gaps or overlaps will generally be allowed.  Both of the meshes involved in the matching should be contained in defined blocks prior to issuing the command.

The syntax for the command is:

Meshmatch tet sideset <id_list> onto sideset <id>

The one or more sidesets specified before the 'onto' keyword are the source sideset(s). The sideset after the 'onto' keyword is the target sideset.