Align Mesh

At times it is desirable to have identical meshes on two different surfaces or curves. The align mesh command will attempt to assign correspondence between nodes on surfaces or curves and move the nodes on one surface or curve to match the configuration on the other. The command syntax is:

Align Mesh Surface <id> [CloseTo] Surface <id> [Tolerance <tol>]

Align Mesh Curve <id> [CloseTo] Curve <id> [Tolerance <tol>]

These two commands align the mesh on the first entity with that of the second entity. This means that nodes on the first entity will be moved to the closest location possible to their corresponding nodes on the second entity. This is done without regard to mesh quality, so it is possible to invert elements with this command.

Align Mesh Node <id> [CloseTo] Node <id> [Tolerance <tol>]

This command aligns the first node with the second node, within the limits of the geometric entities that own the nodes. This is also done without respect for element quality.

And example of this is given as follows:

brick x 10
volume 1 copy move 11
surface all except 10 6 vis off
graphics perspective off
at 5.552503 3.832384 0.134127
from 34.651051 3.640138 -0.193121
up 0.006514 0.999945 -0.008172
mesh surface all
surface 6 smooth scheme randomize free
smooth surface 6
node 432 move 0 0 -0.2
align mesh node 944 node 432
node 432 move 0 0 0.4
align mesh curve 23 closeto curve 12
align mesh surf 10 closeto surf 6