Scale Command

The scale command resizes an entity (body, volume, surface, or curve) by a scaling factor. The scaling factor may be a constant, or may differ in the x, y, and z directions. The entity chosen will be scaled about the point or vertex indicated. If no point or vertex is entered, it will be scaled about the origin. Any mesh on the object will be scaled too, unless the nomesh keyword is used.

To Scale an Entity

  1. On the Command Panel, click on Geometry.
  2. Click Volume, Surface, Curve, Vertex or Group.
  3. Click on the Transform action button.
  4. Select Scale from the drop-down menu.
  5. Enter in the appropriate settings.
  6. Click Apply.

{Body|Volume|Surface|Curve} <id_range> Scale {<scale> | x <val> y <val> z <val>} [About {<x> <y> <z> | Vertex <id>}] [Nomesh] [Copy [Repeat <value>] [Group_Results]] [Preview]

If the copy option is specified, a copy of the entity is made and scaled the specified amount. Use the repeat option to create multiple copies.