Quality Groups

Groups can also be formed from the hexes or faces obtained from the quality command. Each group formed using quality can be drawn with its associated quality characteristics {i.e. jacobian low .2 high .3} automatically.

Group {<'name'>|id} {Add|Equals|Remove|Xor} Quality { Hex | Tet | Face | Tri | Volume | Surface | Group } <id_range> { quality metric name (default is SHAPE) } [ High <value> ] [ Low <value> ] [ Top <number> ] [ Bottom <number>]

The following example illustrates the use of quality groups:

group 2 add quality volume 1 jacobian

In this case, if the meshed brick from the section Propagated Hex Groups is used, Group 2 will be created and it will contain 1000 hexes with quality characteristics.

The quality metric names can be found in the Quality Assessment section of the documentation.