Exporting IGES Files

The ACIS IGES translator provides bi-directional functionality for data translation between ACIS and the IGES (Initial Graphic Exchange Standard) format.

To export IGES files:

  1. Select File and then Export.
  2. Select the location for the file to be saved.
  3. Enter a File Name.
  4. Select IGES from the Save as type drop-down menu.
  5. Click Save. A new window will appear.
  6. Optionally specify any appropriate settings from this window.
  7. Click Finish.

Export Iges 'filename' [<geometry_entity_list>] [Solid] [Logfile ['filename'] [Display]] [Overwrite]

As with ACIS file export, you can specify which individual entities to export. If unspecified, all ACIS entities are exported.

The logfile option is used to save information regarding the conversion to IGES format. This information saved to a file with the name specified by the user, or named 'iges_export.log' by default. When running the GUI version of Trelis, the logfile can be displayed in a dialog window by using the display option.

The solid option allows solid volumes to be exported as Manifold Solid B-Rep Objects (MSBO). Without this option, the iges file is simply a collection of stand-alone surfaces.

The overwrite option works the same as with ACIS file export.

See Importing IGES Files for information on setting up the IGES import and export functionality.

Note that the IGES import and export functionality might not be available on all 64-bit platforms.