Web Cutting with an Arbitrary Surface

An arbitrary "sheet" surface can also be used to web cut a body. This sheet need not be planar, and can be bounded or infinite. The following commands are used:

To webcut using a sheet

  1. On the Command Panel, click on Geometry and then Volume.
  2. Click on the Webcut action button.
  3. Select Surface Extended from the drop-down menu.
  4. Enter in the appropriate values for Body ID(s) and With Surface ID(s). This can also be done using the Pick Widget function.
  5. Click Apply.

Webcut {blank} with sheet {body|surface} <id> [webcut_options]

Webcut {blank} with sheet extended [from] surface <id> [webcut_options]

In its first form, the command uses a sheet body, either one that is pre-existing or one formed from a specified surface. Note that in this latter case the (bounded) surface should completely cut the body into two pieces. Sheet bodies can be formed from a single surface, but can also be the combination of many surfaces; this form of web cut can be used with quite complicated cutting surfaces.

Extended sheet surfaces can also be used; in this case, the specified surface will be extended in all directions possible. Note that some spline surfaces are limited in extent, and so these surfaces may or may not completely cut the blank.