Section Command

This command will cut a body or group of bodies with a plane, keeping geometry on one side of the plane and discarding the rest. The syntax for this command is:

Section {Body|Group} <id_range> [With] {Xplane|Yplane|Zplane} [Offset <value>] [NORMAL|Reverse] [Keep]

Section {Body|Group} <id_range> With Surface <id> [NORMAL|Reverse] [Keep]

In the first form, the specified coordinate plane is used to cut the specified bodies. The offset option is used to specify an offset from the coordinate plane. In the second form, an existing (planar) surface is used to section the model. In either case, the reverse keyword results in discarding the positive side of the specified plane or surface instead of the other side. The keep option results in keeping both sides; the section command used with this option is equivalent to webcutting with a plane.