Tweak Remove Topology

The Tweak Remove Topology command removes curves and surface from a model and replaces them with new topology. The reconstruction of the new topology and the stitching of it into the model is done using real solid modeling kernel operations. This command is intended to be used on small curves and surfaces in the model. The command tries to find small curves/surfaces neighboring the specified topology and includes these neighbors in the removal process. Thus, the command can often be used to remove networks of small features just by specifying a single curve or surface.

To use the tweak remove topology operation

  1. On the Command Panel, click on Geometry and then Surface or Curve.
  2. Click on the Modify action button.
  3. Select Tweak from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select Remove Topology from the drop-down menu.
  5. Enter the appropriate value for Surface ID(s) and Curve ID(s). This can also be done using the Pick Widget function.
  6. Enter the appropriate value for Small Curve Size and Backoff Distance.
  7. Click Apply.

Tweak Remove_Topology {Surface <id_range> | Curve <id_range> | Surface <id_range> Curve <id_range>} Small_curve_size <val> Backoff_distance <val>

The small_curve_size is input by the user, and is used to calculate the small curves and surfaces. The backoff_distance value specifies how far away from the original topology cuts are made to cut out the old topology and stitch in the new topology. The removed topology is replaced by simplified topology where possible often resulting in a dimension reduction of the original topology. Extraneous curves that are introduced during the cutting and stitching process are regularized out if possible using the solid modeling kernel regularize functionality or are composited out using virtual geometry if the regularization is not possible.

Note: This command is currently only implemented for ACIS and Catia models.


set attribute on
import ACIS "test10.sat"
separate body all
set attribute off
Auto_clean Volume 1 Split_narrow_regions Narrow_size 2.2
tweak remove_topology curve 19 small_curve_size .21 backoff 1.5

Figure 1. Tweak Remove Topology command