Debugging Geometry

The following command checks for inconsistencies in the Trelis topological model, by checking the specified entities and all child topology and/or comparing to solid model topology:

Geomdebug Validate [compare] <entity_list>

This command checks for:

Related Commands:

Geomdebug Vertex <vertex_id>

Geomdebug Curve <curve_id>

Geomdebug Surface <surface_id>

Geomdebug body <body_id>

Geomdebug Containment {Curve | Surface} <id> {Location (options) | Node <id_list>}

The following command prints info about GeometryEntities owned by specified entity: 

Geomdebug Geometry <entity_list> [interval <n>] [index <n>] [TEXT] [GRAPHIC] [attributes]

The following command lists (TopologyBridge) topology for specified entity:

Geomdebug solidmodel <entity_list> [index <n>] [depth<n>|up<n>|down<n>]

The following command lists GroupingEntities.

Geomdebug GPE <entity_list>