The unite operation combines two or more bodies into a single body.

The Keep option preserves the original bodies and the new body created is given the next highest body ID available.

The include_mesh option creates a new meshed body from the original meshed bodies. For this function to work properly, the original bodies must be merged.

Unite [Volume|BODY] <range> [With [Volume|BODY] <range>] [include_mesh] [Keep]

Unite Body {<range> | All} [Keep]

The second form of the command unites multiple bodies in a single operation. If the all option is used, all bodies in the model are united into a single body. If the bodies that are united do not overlap or touch, the two bodies are combined into a single body with multiple volumes.

The unite command allows sheet bodies to be united with solid bodies. To disable this capability you can turn the following setting off:

Set Unite Mixed {ON|Off}