Attribute Commands

Most non-Trelis-developer uses of attributes will be to use all or none of the attributes.  Therefore, the most common command to enable and disable the use of attributes is:

Set Attribute {On|Off}

When this option is on, all defined attributes will be saved with the geometry when the user enters the Export Acis command.

When a geometry is imported into Trelis, any attributes defined on that geometry and recognized as Trelis attributes are imported and put into an intermediate representation (that is, this information is not assigned directly to the geometry entities).  To find out which attributes are defined on a given set of entities, use the following command:

List [<entity_list>] Attributes [Type <attribute type>] [All] [Print]

If no entities are entered, attribute information for all the geometric entities defined in Trelis is printed.

The Type option can be used to list information about a specific attribute type; values for are the same as those in the previous table.

If the All option is entered, information about all attribute types will be printed, even if there are none of those attributes defined for the specified entities.

If the Print option is entered, the information stored in each attribute will be printed; this command is usually used only by Trelis developers.

Control By Attribute Type or Geometric Entity

Attributes can be enabled or disabled by attribute type, to allow the use of only user-specified attribute types.  To turn on or off specific attributes, use the command:

Set Attribute <attribute type> {On|Off}

where <attribute type> is one of the types shown in the previous table.

Attributes can also be controlled to automatically write (update) and read (actuate) to/from solid model files automatically, using the command:

Set Attribute <attribute_type> Auto  {Actuate|Update} {On|Off}

Finally, attributes can be manually written to and read from the geometric entities, and removed from Trelis entities, using the command

{geom_list} Attribute {All|Attribute_type} {Actuate|Remove|Update|Read|Write}

where geom_list is a list of geometry entities.  This command is recommended only for developers' use.