Trelis Initial Conditions

In Trelis, initial conditions can be applied to nodesets. Trelis supports the following types of initial conditions: displacement, velocity, acceleration, temperature, and generic field. For now, initial conditions are only supported by Trelis' Abaqus exporter. The commands to create an initial condition are:

Create initialcondition [id] type temperature [name <'name'>]   [{add|on} nodeset <entity_list>] [value <val>]

Create initialcondition [id] type displacement [name <'name'>]   [{add|on} nodeset <entity_list>]   [dof {1|2|3|4|5|6} {value <value>|off}]

Create initialcondition [id] type velocity [name <'name'>]   [{add|on} nodeset <entity_list>]   [dof {1|2|3|4|5|6} {value <value>|off}]

Create initialcondition [id] type acceleration [name <'name'>]   [{add|on} nodeset <entity_list>]   [dof {1|2|3|4|5|6} {value <value>|off}]

Create initialcondition [id] type field [name <'name'>]   [{add|on} nodeset <entity_list>] [variable <n> value <val>

For most of the initial conditions, only two pieces of data are required: a list of nodesets this IC is applied to, and an initial value.  Optionally, a name can be specified for the initial condition.  To modify an initial condition, replace the word “create” with the word “modify.”  If modifying an IC, the IC’s ID must be passed in so Trelis knows which IC you are modifying.  Example:

Modify initialcondition 3 value 1.23

Use this command to list the information about a set of initial conditions:

List  initialcondition <id_list>

Use this command to delete a set of initial conditions:

Delete initialcondition <id_list>