Initialization Files

Trelis can execute commands on startup, before interactive command input, through initialization files. This is useful if the user frequently uses the same settings.

On Unix or Windows, the following files are played back in order, if they exist, at startup:

$(current working directory)/.Trelis

Where $(current working directory) is determined by the program itself and words starting with '$' are environment variables.

If the -initfile <filename> option is used on the command that starts Trelis, then the other init files are skipped and only the specified filename is played back.

The $TRELIS_DIR file is installation specific. The $HOME file is user specific. The $PWD file is run-specific, read when starting up Trelis from a particular meshing problem's subdirectory.

These files are typically used to perform initialization commands that do not change from one execution to the next, such as turning off journal file output, specifying default mouse buttons, setting geometric and mesh entity colors, and setting the size of the graphics window.