Environment Variables

Trelis can interpret the following environment variables. These settings are only applicable to the Command Line Version of Trelis and do not apply to the Graphical User Interface. See also the CUBIT_STEP_PATH and CUBIT_IGES_PATH environment variables. See also the CUBIT_DIR, HOMEDRIVE and HOMEPATH settings.


DISPLAY The graphics window or GUI will pop-up on the specified X-Window display. This is useful for running Trelis across a network, or on a machine with more than one monitor. Unix only.


Execution command line parameter options. Any option that is valid from the command line may be used in this environment variable. See Execution Command Syntax.

Specifies path and name to use for journal file. The specified path may contain the following %-escape sequences:

%a - abbreviated weekday name
%A - full weekday name
%b - abbreviated month name
%B - full month name
%d - date of the month [01,31]
%H - hour (24-hour clock) [00,23]
%I - hour (12-hour clock) [01,12]
%j - day of the year [1,366]
%m - month number [1,12]
%M - minute [00,59]
%n - replaced with the next available number between 01 and 999.
%p - "a.m." or "p.m."
%S - seconds [00,61]
%u - weekday [1,7], 1 is Monday
%U - week of year [00,53]
%w - weekday [0,6], 0 is Sunday
%y - year without century [00,99]
%Y - year with century (e.g. 1999)
%% - a '%' character

The default value is "Trelis%n.jou". This creates journal files in the current directory named "cubit00.jou", "cubit01.jou", "cubit02.jou", etc. To keep the same naming scheme but create the files the /tmp directory, set CUBIT_JOURNAL to "/tmp/Trelis%n.jou"

To create journal files in directories according to the day of the week, first create directories named "Mon", "Tues", etc. Trelis will not create them for you. Next set CUBIT_JOURNAL to
"%a/%n.jou". This will create journal files named "01.jou" through "999.jou" in the appropriate directory for the current day of the week.