Command Line Help

In addition to the documentation you are currently viewing, CUBIT can give help on command syntax from the command line. For help on a particular command or keyword, the user can simply type help <keyword>. If the user is uncertain of the keyword, an asterisk * may be added to the end of the entered characters and help for all keywords that start with the entered characters will be printed. In addition, if the user has typed part of a command and is uncertain of the syntax of the remainder of the command, they can type a question mark ? and help will be printed for the sequence of keywords currently entered. It is important to note that if the user has typed the keywords out of order, then no help will be found. If the user is not sure of the correct order of the keywords, the ampersand & key will search on all occurrences of whatever keywords are entered, regardless of the order. The results of this type of command are shown in the following listing.

Trelis>help degenerate*

Help for words: degenerate*.

set Block Mixed Element Output { OFFSET | Degenerate }

set Degenerates [on|off]

Trelis> volume 3 label ?
Completing commands starting with: volume, label.
Help not found for the specified word order.

Trelis> volume 3 label &
Help for words: volume & label
Label Volume [ on | off | name [only|id] | id | interval | size | scheme | merge | firmness ]

Trelis> label volume 3 ?
Completing commands starting with: label, volume.
Label Volume [on|off|name [only|ids]|ids|interval|size|scheme|merge|firmness]