Listing Information

The List commands print information about the current model and session. There are five general areas: Model Summary, Geometry, Mesh, Special Entities, and Trelis Environment. The descriptions of these areas includes example output based on the model generated by a journal file listed below. The model consists of a 1x2x3 brick meshed with element size 0.1.

Journal File Used for List Examples

brick x 1 y 2 z 3
body 1 size 0.1
mesh volume 1
block 1 volume 1
nodeset 1 surface 1
sideset 1 surface 2
group "my_surfaces" add surface 1 to 3
surface 2 name "BackSurface"
surface 3 name "BottomSurface"
surface 1 name "FrontSurface"
surface 4 name "LeftSurface"
surface 5 name "RightSurface"
surface 6 name "TopSurface"