Power Tools

The power tools contain useful tools to help users through the mesh generation process. A very useful tool for new users is the Immersive Topology Environment for Meshing, also known as ITEM. This panel contains a wizard-like environment which guides the user through the mesh generation process through a series of panels and diagnostics. The geometry tool allows users to create new boundary conditions/assemblies/groups, add entities to existing boundary conditions/assemblies/groups, make entities visible/invisible, and rename entities. The geometry repair and analysis tools contains diagnostics and tools for analyzing and repairing geometry, although many of these can now be found in the ITEM environment as well. The mesh quality and meshing power tools aid in mesh generation and verification.

The power tools are presented in the tabbed folder from left to right:


Figure 1. Power Tools Window

To familiarize yourself with the power tools environment we recommend that you try the power tools tutorial.

To familiarize yourself with ITEM wizard we recommend that you try the ITEM tutorial.