Meshing Tools

The meshing power tool provides a tool for determining whether a geometry can be meshed using autoscheme, or if it requires its scheme to be set explicitly. This tool is designed to help guide users through geometry decomposition process by providing a convenient way to see which geometries need further modification or decomposition prior to meshing.

Figure 1. Meshing Power Tools

Entity Specification- The meshing power tool works for volumes or surfaces.

Options Button - Opens the Tools>Options dialog to change the visualization colors of surface schemes for the meshing tool

Analyze Button - The Analyze button issues the autoscheme command for all selected volumes and surfaces.

Output Tree - The output from the meshing tool is displayed in tree format. Geometry is divided into "Scheme Set" and "Scheme Not Set" divisions. The geometry is listed under these nodes. If autoscheme was successful, its assigned scheme is also displayed.

Toggle Visibility Button - The meshing tool displays entities as red or green in the graphics window. Green means that they are currently meshable using the autoscheme. Red means that they require their scheme to be set explicitly. Turning this capability off will return the volumes and surfaces to their original colors.

Meshing Tools Buttons - Several meshing tools are available to the user from this window. Depending on the entity selected, these are also available from the right-click context menu, and they are described below.

Right Click Context Menu