The Trelis toolbars provide an effective way for accessing frequently used commands. 

Below is a brief description of each of the available toolbars. To view a description of the function of each tool, hold the mouse over the tool in the Trelis Application to display tool tips.


Provides Trelis (*.cub) file operations. This toolbar also includes Journal File operations and tool bar customization operations. From left to right, the buttons are:


Figure 1. File Toolbar


Controls the display mode, checkpoint undo, zoom, perspective clipping plane, and curve valence display options in the Graphics Window. From left to right, the buttons are:

Figure 2. Display Toolbar


Controls the Entity Selection Mode for picking or selecting entities. Each entity family has its own selection tool bar which can be shown, hidden, or docked anywhere on the GUI. Below are tool bars for geometry, mesh, analysis groups, FEA boundary conditions, and CFD boundary conditions.




Figure 3. Select Toolbars