Property Page

The Property Page is a window that lists properties about the current entity selection. Some of the properties, like Trelis ID, entity type, or geometry engine, are listed for reference only. Other attributes, like name, or mesh intervals, color, mesh scheme, or smooth scheme can be edited from the window. The Property Page is located on the left panel in the GUI. The highlighted entity/entities in the graphics window are listed in the property page window. The Property Page also lists information about selected mesh entities, boundary conditions, and assemblies. Selecting an object from the Tree View will also open the object in the property page.  

Figure 1. Property Page Window

The row of buttons on the top of the editor are shortcuts to common commands. These include:

mesh_button.gif Meshes the selected entity/entities at their current interval and scheme settings
smooth_button.gif Smooth selected entity using the current smoothing scheme
preview_button.gif Preview mesh intervals on selected entity
delete_mesh_button.gif Delete mesh on specified entity (do not propagate to lower order entities)
reset_button.gif Reset entity to default settings and delete mesh
calculate.gif Calculates volumes and surface areas
delete_button.gif Delete current entity

Editing Entity Attributes from the Property Page

The Property Page provides a convenient way to change attributes on entities. . Some of the fields cannot be changed, some can be edited from an input field, and others are edited by selecting from a list, or by opening the corresponding window from the Control Panel.

If multiple entities are selected, the attributes that are similar to both entities will be shown. Changing an attribute from the property page will change that attribute on both entities. If multiple entities are selected the total volume, surface area, and length of all entities will be shown.

Below is a summary of properties listed for each attribute type.

General Attributes

Geometry Attributes

Meshing Attributes

Boundary Condition Attributes