The Power of Customization

A Brief History

Trelis' underlying technology, Cubit, has always provided users with the ability to create some level of customization via its scripting language and journal files. The Algebraic Pre-Processor (APREPRO) adds another layer of detail and control to the process. When the Cubit Graphical User Interface was added to Cubit in 2004 Python was embedded into the framework and was made available via external scripting files or in the script tab.

csimsoft has been working for years to make the underlying framework available to third parties so others can embed their own technology into Trelis in order to give end users a seamless experience from geometry creation, to meshing, to setting up and running analysis solutions. Companies who have successfully used Trelis as an integration platform include Fidesys, Fieldscale, and SIMetris, to name a few. Anybody may request and receive the SDK from for no charge. With the SDK users can access the Trelis framework and core functionality via Python or C++.

Customization Options

Trelis Software Development Kit (SDK) for C++

Anybody may contact support and request a download of the Trelis SDK. The SDK will enable developers to:

Trelis-Python Interface

Python developers have complete access to CubitInterface. One other module, CubitInterfaceEx is also available to Python.

Trelis Style Sheets

The look and feel for the user interface can be modified using style sheets. Please refer to the documentation for details.

Extended Selection Dialog

Selecting multiple entities in a complex model can be challenging. The Extended Selection Dialog was created to help users create detailed and specific selection filters using Python  and then reuse or share those filters with others. Refer to the documentation for details.



Workflow Customization

Beginning with Trelis 16.3, users are able to create their own workflows that can be shared with other users. Workflows encapsulate the process required to complete a given task. Read here for details.