True Automatic All-Hex Meshing


Fast. Automatic. Period.

Whatever meshing software you use, you need to add Bolt to your tool chest. Bolt is a push-button solution for generating all-hex meshes from complex geometries with little or no user interaction. Most models can be meshed by simply clicking the Mesh button. For other models, use the mesh controls to adjust mesh, size, and smoothing.


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Bolt makes meshing easy.

1. Import watertight model

2. Push the Mesh button

3. Export your mesh


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Introduction to Meshing With Bolt

Bolt it!

Bolt works great for meshing complicated models for manufactured parts with sharp edges, virtual prototyping, and is insanely good for meshing models with irregularly-shaped topology, such as biomedical, microstructures, metal forming, etc. Prove it to yourself. Try it out and see what we mean.

Bolt it!

No more cutting up models.

Hex meshing without the preparation time

Traditional pave-and-sweep meshing methods require you to cut a model into sweepable volumes. This could be more than 60% of the time it takes to get a good mesh. Bolt uses advanced meshing methods to generate an all-hex mesh without decomposition. Unlike the pave-and-sweep method that takes hours or days to prepare, Bolt allows you to mesh your model with the simple click of the Mesh button.

Tolerant of dirty geometry.

Not all CAD is exported perfectly. Many of the models you get require significant clean up and defeaturing before you can get a good mesh. Sometimes repairing problems with CAD takes time, a lot of time. Bolt doesn't require you to manually fix gaps, overlaps, or misalignments. Bolt uses an approach that has been developed and tested for more than six years to accurately represent the topology of your model without having to fix it first.

Bolt can mesh dirty geometry

Parallel meshing.

Bolt is massively parallel

Even without having to clean up and prepare your geometry, large and complex models can take a long time to mesh. Bolt's robust parallel hex meshing speeds up meshing time.

Get excellent results—fast.

For many complex simulations, Bolt produces equivalent or superior results when compared to pave-and-sweep meshes that take hours or days to generate. Depending on the type of analysis you are doing, Bolt can give you excellent results in minutes.

Bolt meshes complex geometry, fast

Supported file formats.

Bolt imports facets files, such as .STL, and exports the mesh into various solver formats.

File Format File Extension Import/Export Supported Versions
STL (.stl*) Import facets
Wavefront Object (.obj*) Import facets
Stanford Polygon (.ply*) Import facets
Cubit Facets (.fac*) Import facets
Assimp (.*) Import various formats See
ANSYS (.*) Export mesh
ANSYS (*.cdb) Export mesh 16.0-17.0
Abaqus (.inp) Export mesh
Fluent (.msh) Export mesh
Exodus, Genesis (.e, .exo, .g, .gen) Export mesh
I-DEAS (.unv) Export mesh
IMPETUS (*.k*, *.imp) Import and export mesh All
LS-DYNA (.k) Export mesh
Nastran (.bdf) Export mesh NX Nastran only
OpenFOAM Export mesh
Patran (.pat, .neu, .out) Export mesh
UCD (.ucd) Export mesh

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