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Bolt 2.0 New Features

Bolt 2.0 includes the latest enhancements that make Bolt easier to use .


New Bolt meshing method that captures sharp edges.

Bolt 2.0 includes a powerful, automatic all-hex meshing algorithm that is best-suited for geometries that include sharp edges and for parts that will be manufactured. It is designed to be used with minimal user input, although it includes controls to fine-tune the mesh. Like the sculpt meshing algorithm, it can run in parallel and can produce high-quality, all-hex meshes quickly. Users can easily compare both mesh methods to find the one that is best for their particular needs.

Bolt Hex Meshing

New Restore button.

A new capability in Bolt 2.0 allows the user to load the mesh, size, and smoothing settings from successful mesh command. Settings that are saved in the project file can be loaded to generate the last mesh. The Default button resets the settings to the default settings at any time.

Restore Last Settings

Improved Project feature

The way Bolt handles projects has improved to allow users to save project information so they can come back later to continue working on the model. The addition of an import and export button on the Project toolbar provides quick access to models and export meshes.

Project Toolbar

Release Notes.

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Bolt 2.0
Issue Description
[BOLT-16] Better capture of edges and sharp features in sculpt mesh
[BOLT-17] Capture and manage the sculpt command settings
[BOLT-45] Freeze and restart issue
[BOLT-49] Collapse edges issue when sculpt meshing
[BOLT-57] Enable geometric surfaces and geometric sidesets option in the Mesh tab
[BOLT-63] Project file save settings when exiting unsaved project
[BOLT-66] Update sculpt mesh panel
[BOLT-67] Change the behavior of the Project toolbar buttons
[BOLT-68] Do not select the actual mesh when selecting "Mesh" in the tree

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