Advanced Meshing For Challenging Simulations

Before a solver can approximate a solution, it needs a mesh, a discrete representation of the geometry being analyzed. Having a better mesh means a greater rate of convergence and a more precise solution. csimsoft develops better tools for generating high-quality mesh elements. That's why engineers all over the world augment their simulation tools with our meshing tools.


For tough simulation problems, csimsoft has the tools for generating quality meshes that give better results.


Robust geometry preparation and mesh tool for precise control over mesh generation.

Trelis Mesh

Trelis allows you to generate high-quality hexahedral and tetrahedral meshes using various meshing schemes. Trelis has tools for creating and cleaning up geometry, and for refining and modifying the mesh.

Trelis 16.5 is now available


Lightning fast push-button, automatic all-hex meshing tool for facet files.

Bolt Mesh

Bolt is ideal for when you just need a mesh fast with minimal user interaction. Bolt gives you two mesh approaches for getting a high-quality, all-hex mesh quickly so you can analyze, modify, and remesh your models.

Bolt 2.0 is now available

Try it for yourself.

Don't take our word for it. Try Trelis Pro or Bolt on your own models.



Our seasoned engineers provide professional training and consulting services to help you be productive and efficient.


Trelis is a robust preprocessor for meshing very challenging models. Most users find that training is essential to help them become more effective in a shorter period of time.

csimsoft offers three types of Trelis training:

  • Trelis Basic
  • Trelis Advanced
  • Trelis Customization
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Meshing and Development Services

Our consulting professionals have decades of meshing and software development experience. Let csimsoft's experienced engineers work on your meshing projects.

csimsoft offers the following meshing and development services:

  • Meshing Services
  • Custom Component/Plug-in Creation
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csimsoft is committed to providing quality technical support, easy-to-understand tutorials, detailed documentation, timely bug fixes, and on-going online support so you are successful in getting the best mesh for your challenging simulation.


Get help with installation, setup, etc. from Trelis users and csimsoft.


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Keep Trelis updated through the software maintenance program.

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csimsoft's team provides meshing help at an affordable rate.

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